"Quand je serai grand(e), je serai..."

pictures from project "Quand je serai grand(e), je serai..."


The representation of professions in the toys of the Museum of Decorative Arts collection.
The general principle of the scenography is that of a single floor element that runs through the entire exhibition. This "carpet" penetrates the display cases, adapts to the pieces presented and evolves to support the exhibition's narrative.
Visitors, most of whom are children, are thus on the same "path" (of life?) as the toys that present them with the professions inside the display cases.

"Quand je serai grand(e), je serai..."

• Commissioned by

Musée des Arts Décoratifs

• Completion


• Location

Paris, France

• Commissioned by

Dorothée Charles

• Graphic design

Lucie Liégeois