"Maurice Marinot - Il vetro"

pictures from project "Maurice Marinot - Il vetro"


Maurice Marinot's work in glass is a succession of experiments on the material and its transformation processes. Although little known to the general public, his work and discoveries have had a profound effect on the history of French glass.
The exhibition presents small-scale pieces that need to be seen up close, almost in isolation, as each one is an exploration into the depth of the material.
The scenography is intentionally kept very simple, to let the works speak for themselves. It organises a single level of presentation that runs through all the spaces. This common altitude links the pieces and supports their reduced size on the scale of the gallery. The concrete floor is raised on the display units to unify them all and create a neutral volume that highlights the colours and textures.
Sketches and working notes are presented at the end of the tour in a free hanging on the walls and in large lectern like tables that plunge us into the world of the artist's studio.

"Maurice Marinot - Il vetro"

• Commissioned by

Le Stanze del Vetro

• Completion


• Location

Venezia, Italia.

• Curators

Jean-Luc Olivié and Cristina Beltrami