a villa in the South of France

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The interior and furniture project aims to an harmonious ensemble, between the furniture, the architecture and the site of the villa.
In contrast to the decor, which would come from a projected external image, the purpose here is to create a real dialog between the furniture and it's context, both in the us, and in the perception and experience of spaces.
Regarding the use, the integrated furniture also integrates: it groups and hosts all the house terminals : air, image, sound and home automation controls. This frees living spaces from the multitude of technical objects that cluter our homes today. It also allows to prioritize functions and to offer maximum freedom to the user within his spaces.
Consequently, the furniture works in two times: Firstly, panels, doors, screens hide things away - giving way to light, views and to the calm succession of spatial sequences. In a second time, when one opens, pushes, flips... the inner complexity appears and with it the domestic and intimate scale of things.
The design of the made-to-measure loose furniture, while free from those technical constraints, remains attentive to the relationship that these furniture maintain with the space in which they take place.
The light, for instance, that passes through the bedrooms will also cross the chests of drawers, made of distinct staked volumes ; the main dining table is massive in its proportion, yet simplistic in the use of a single elementary material. In response to the alternatively enclose or infinite space in which it takes place.

a villa in the South of France

• Private commission

• Completion


• Architect

Marc Barani

• Location