"Capitaine futur et la Supernature"

pictures from project "Capitaine futur et la Supernature"


© Vinciane Lebrun
© Vinciane Lebrun
© Vinciane Lebrun
© Vinciane Lebrun

Supernature is complex, undoubtedly autonomous, and humans are clearly neither the centre nor even a truly significant component.
Its logic, its rules, its dynamics escape him and go beyond him.
Captain Future has lent us his ship for a while, which allows us to explore this Supernature. Without disturbing it, almost without touching it, it frames, guides, unifies, accompanies and even protects the visitor.
Thus, around him, aerial, mineral and aquatic worlds develop, still ethereal, which gradually reveal themselves, come alive or close in on our arrival.

"Capitaine futur et la Supernature"

• Commissioned by

La Gaïté Lyrique

• Completion


• Location

Paris, France

• Curator

Jos Auzende

• Illustrations by

Joseph Callioni